Gudeberg skole will host the summer camp © www.experience2010.noWe are sure that many of you have some old t-shirts from an EGTYF-camp or congress hidden deep inside your closet. Some of you might even have the shirt from last year’s camp in Albania. Regardless of how long it has been since you’ve been to an international event we hope that you will come this year to Fredrikstad.

The big event this summer will be ACTIVE’s summer camp and congress and IOGT world congress. There you can meet friends, listen to concerts, take part in the planing of IOGT’s future, and as in all Active-events – play domino. And at the event we will also celebrate Active’s (EGTYF’s) 20th jubilee on August 2nd.

During this congress periode IOGT and Active have had an ambition to reach more out to people like you – age 25+ with lot of experience from youth work and events, not that much experience from the adult organisations, but who still want to do something and keep in touch with friends from earlier congresses and seminars – also outside of Facebook. The goal has been to create a European network of people who want to live a life free from alcohol and other drugs. This project has been called Actio2552.

An IOGT World Congress is not complete without people from all generations. That is one of many reasons we hope to see many of you in Fredrikstad. On www.experience2010.no you can now go and register as participant.

posted by Jan Tore Evensen