Campaign with great success


Around 10,000 people signed the White Christmas contract before Christmas eve. And by that they promised not to drink on the three days of Christmas. The campaign was run in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Germany and focused on setting children in focus around Christmas. Children that are living with addicted parents are of course particularly vulnerable, but all children react somewhat when their parents change when drinking.

»All children have the right to a White Christmas« was the slogan for the campaign, which also was supported by several prominent politicians like the State Secretary at the Norwegian Health ministry, Kari Henriksen, Sabine Bätzing, the commissioner for drug questions in the German Federal Health Department, and former Swedish minister of finance Bosse Ringholm.

As many as 9 million children in Europe might be living in families with parents that have an addiction problem. During Christmas they don’t have the normal opportunity to escape by meeting friends or go to public youth centres, since everything is closed and the friends have their own Christmas celebrations. Therefore part of the campaign was also to arrange events like Christmas parties and other public events that were open for all during Christmas and New Year.

posted by Jan Tore Evensen