White Christmas campaigns starting again


Campaign logo shows a cookie in child shape © Weiße Weihnacht

In 2007, the White Christmas campaign was started in Sweden, signed by 11,000 Swedes, among them the Swedish Health Minister, who promised not to drink alcohol during the three days of Christmas.

This year, the campaign is run in Norway and Germany as well. We want to focus on the difficulties children face, when living together with addicted parents. During Christmas they won't have the normal opportunity to escape by meeting friends or go to public youth centres, since everything is closed and the friends have their own Christmas family celebrations. In Germany, 2.65 million children live with addict parent(s).

We ask every adult to sign the treaty for not drinking during Christmas. The campaign will start on 10 November 2008, during the annual conference of the German Centre for Addiction Issues (DHS) in Bielefeld. In Germany, the treaty can be signed on the website www.weisse-weihnacht.info .

posted by Frank Lindemann