Biggest ACTIVE Summer Camp


ActIo2552 people gathered at Ransbergs Herrgård © Frank LindemannThe biggest Active summer camp ever took place in the fields around Ransberg, Sweden, this summer. Never have there been so many Active people gathered at one place and never have so many of them slept in tents trying to live by Scout rules. Or slightly adjsuting them like the norwegians who took with them an electric fan to have in their tents. Some of the older participants, belonging to ActIo2552, managed to get an inside room, but most prefered or were forced to the outdoor alternative. But the weather was good almost all week, so except for the some very warm mornings outdoor was a good alternative. Also the night café was outdoors, with former Active president Åsa Hagelstedt presiding over what probably is some of the best café ever at an Active event, and after more lights were added in the tents it was also quite suitable for domino games.

But if the surrondings were a little different than usual anyone who has been to an Active event would recognize most things. Good friends spending a week in drugfree environments with seminars in the forenoon, spontaneous activities in the afternoon and entertainment in the evening. The in Sweden famous hip-hoper Adam Tensta was the man attraction. But more local and spontaneous gathered groups managed to excite the concert goers just as good. The same did the norwegian delegation, who presented the unofficial camp-song evening after evening.

The Active congress itself was a peaceful affair without big debates. A tobacco policy programme was adopted. That means that all Active events now are smoke-free, and the member organisations are also encouraged to set a tobacco-free-lifestyle as a precondition for membership. Linn Landmark from Juvente Norway was reelected as president with Kristiina Lepa from Juvente Estonia as vice president. Two new member organisations were included – DNTB from Norway and Juvente Finland.

Members of the old board did their last services for Active during the Active fair, where »Feed the Board« was this year’s big attraction. Active members tried to shoot candy in the mouth of the board members, or trying to hit somewhere else depending on the mood.

During the camp the ActIo2552 core group also had a meeting, and talked about future events. Among them the new year seminar, which is not yet decided where to take place and plans for individual membership in IOGT.

Next Active camp will be in Albania last weeks of July 2009, before Scandinavia again is calling and invites to congress and camp in Fredrikstad in August 2010.

posted by Jan Tore Evensen