Too old to rock’n’roll, too young to die


Of course, some will never be too old to rock’n’roll © Frank Lindemann»Actio2552« is connected to the organizations »ACTIVE – sobriety, friendship and peace« and IOGT International. Most of us are members of an IOGT or ACTIVE-organization in our home country, and this is a project within the IOGT-movement. But this network is open to everyone regardless whether you have a background in Active/IOGT or not. The only requirement is that you have chosen to live a life free from alcohol and other drugs. Our activities are drug-free and open to everyone.

We believe that it is important that there are places in society where use of alcohol is not self-evident, and that the role alcohol and other drugs play in our social life are questioned. There is a need for counter-cultures and a resistance against an expanding alcohol industry, both in Europe and in developing societies where drug use contributes to maintain poverty and impair social and economic development.

What we’ll do

  • Create a European network of people who want to live a life free from alcohol and other drugs
  • Arrange social activities for members of the network who want to meet each other in drug-free environment
  • Provide facts and arguments about ways to prevent drug problems in society, and work for an alcohol policy based on the priority of public health, not on financial interest
  • Give people who want to be involved in these questions tools to make their work easier

posted by Jan Tore Evensen