Alcohol in Europe

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Report : Alcohol in Europe
At the time that the European Commission has been preparing its own strategy on alcohol to cover the full range of activity that takes place at a European level, it called for an analysis of the health, social and economic impact of alcohol in Europe. This is the present report, written by Institute on Alcohol Studies in Britain, which is an expert synthesis of published reviews, systematic reviews, meta-analyses and individual papers, as well as an analysis of data made available by the European Commission and the World Health Organization.
Summary at alcoholineu_summary_en.pdf

On October 24 2007 the European Commission adopted a Communication setting out a strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol-related harm life_style/alcohol/alcohol_com_en.htm

Eurobarameter: Attitudes towards alcohol in Europe life_style/alcohol/documents/ebs272_en.pdf eur_icp_aldt_94_03_cn01.pdf
WHO European Charter on Alcohol

posted by Jan Tore Evensen